NO MORE BALDNESS NOW…! Get Back Your Natural Hair Today Through Hair Transplant Surgery from Hair’s Only solution (HOS)


Special Discount- Rupees 15 per Graft on latest FUE and FUHT hair transplantation technique

Many of us are suffering with hair loss since early in our life. Due to the hectic lifestyle we live today, it gets difficult to take care of our hair in a sufficient way which often leads to various hair problems including premature baldness, hair pattern loss, spot baldness, hair fall or hair loss and other hair problems. However, you can also start to lose your hair due to other reasons, such as hormonal changes, hereditary hair loss, burns or injuries.

Hair’s Only Solution (HOS) helps you restore the lost hairline with in an efficient and easy way. At HOS, the most advanced and effective hair transplant method is used to treat baldness and general hair loss which ensures better and more permanent results. There are many hair fall/hair loss control products available in market, though these are temporary solutions and in some case they are not effective. The only permanent solution is hair transplantation. Dr. Rahul Verma M.B.B.S, M.S(General Surgeon) a leading hair transplant surgeon in Noida with 15 years of experience.

What is Hair Transplant all about?

Hair transplant procedures use various two main methods

  • Harvesting – This involves removing follicular hair units from a donor site on the scalp which has a higher density of hair. The hair is sourced from your scalp or from body.
  • Transplanting – This involves transplanting the harvested hair follicular unit to the recipient area of your scalp.

HOS has the most advanced and modern hair transplant technology i.e. FUE, FUT and BIOFUE. The doctor and his qualified team have handled many cases of hair transplant successfully over the years at very reasonable cost. His skill and excellence in the field attract many patience come to him for this procedure from all over India. Currently we are offering Hair Transplant at just Rupees 15 per Graft and Special Discount above 3000 Grafts. To fix an appointment call on 01204544995, 9911170709 or 8800252038 and get free scalp test or info visit for info.


Hair’s Only Solution

A-757, Sector 19, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India

Ph.:- +91-0120-4544995

Mobile: – +91- 9911170709, 8130303338

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